Best seller smartphones in 2014

Phones today are no more just calling devices, they are smartphones. These smartphones are designed to do all jobs for you efficiently and effectively. With your smartphone you can take photos, make videos and watch favorite shows, search for an assignment and much more. These sleek designs offer user-friendly applications along with amazing performance and […]

3 of the best free e-commerce CMS

With each passing day, online businesses are witnessing enormous growth. More and more people are adopting online shopping and the idea behind is feasibility in terms of saving time, effort and cost. Growth in online shopping is expected to increase by an amazing figure in the coming years.

Drupal, what is it?

Drupal is an open source and absolutely free of cost platform serving the purpose of web development for professional as well as community use. It is used as a framework for online content management. Drupal is supporting some really busy websites and is used for collaborations by businesses. Platform of Drupal is flexible to almost […]

Ubuntu, the best Linux Distro

Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system for desktops. The entire system remains available free of cost for professionals and for public. The idea treasured for development of Ubuntu platform is to provide free of charge operating system to Ubuntu community.Canonical Limited is the company that is leading the development of this system.

Web and Music: best websites for music lovers

While everything from shopping to selling to cooking to chatting has reached web, there is no chance that music could be left behind. All those who love music are sure to become internet users. All varied ranges of music could now be found over the web. Various music portals, websites and apps have been launched […]